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Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion Leaf



Dandelion Leaf




About Dandelion Leaf


Dandelion leaves are very high in iron, minerals and are an excellent diuretic with an infinite for the kidneys while the roots are a supreme liver tonic and promotes bile secretion. The Greens are ideal for spring salads, pesto or cooked like spinach.  





Formulated to support long-term lung health

With heightened immune challenges and exposure to environmental pollutants, it’s important to care for your lungs now. This formula combines adaptogenic and respiratory-supporting herbs to promote healthy lungs.



We use the natural & traditional power of nature to deliver true vitality from our soil to your plate!


Locally & Organically grown

All of our herbal teas are organically grown, harvested, dried and packaged right here at our local family-owned farm in Dougalsville, GA

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